I'm Anna and I'm 20 and I like Sansa Stark, architecture, sushi, and diet dr pepper. ∆∆∆. Stark, Ravenclaw, District 2, Erudite


sans titre (By agbuggy~小蟲子)


I N T P; (listen) a mix for the distant dreamer who lives in a world of theoretical possibilities; for those who are original and creative and value logic above all else; for the independent, the unconventional, the pensive. the intp.

"I like people who dream and talk to themselves interminably; I like them, for they are double. They are here and elsewhere."

i. lost in my mind // the head and the heart, ii. out through the curtain // the hush sound, iii. youth // foxes, iv. I’m not like everybody else // the kinks, v. planets of the universe // stevie nicks, vi. mad world // gary jules, vii. day dreaming // paramore, viii. stay gold (acoustic) // first aid kit 

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why aren’t there friend pick up lines

pick up lines to make friends 


“hey thats a cute dress you know where it would look better? on nobody else 

because you’re a beautiful individual” 

hey there’s a little thing called compliments that you’re talking about


*looks up zodiac compatibility with fave* *sees that we’re not compatible* *throws rock at sky* fuck you fake bitch


Am I too late to add a cute ghost to your dash?

Since getting back from Venice the world still feels like it’s swaying like I’m on a boat and I have absolutely zero alcohol or drugs in my system I just feel like I’m sitting on a boat





everyone’s trying to stump the akinator so i’m gonna try and see if he’ll know that i’m thinking of the little symbol on the front of his turban


come on it hasn’t even been 10 fucking seconds




i fucking hate this stupid piece of shit genie fuck him i hate him so fucking much

tfw u don’t know if u need to make a new album or just put these photos in your last album


love food like liz lemon loves food

love others like leslie knope loves ann perkins

love yourself like mindy lahiri loves herself

and rock your careers like all three of them


*cracks knuckles* so i heard you think my favorite character is useless

Ok I can’t get over how much I love Venice

I drink wine regularly, drive a Honda Pilot, and watch House Hunters almost every day. It’s official. I’m a suburban housewife.


my aesthetic: the kids in your high school french textbook from the early 90s